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Retail marketing Strategy

Living in such a dynamic reality, we should be constantly anticipating the changes in the jobs our clients need to be done, the shift in the industry's performance defining components, as well as to the threat of our competitors.

My training  as a Sociologist has always driven me to watch closely these changes, analyze emergent needs and immediately look for alternatives to adapt strategy consequently.  

Let´s talk about the opportunities of your business.

Insights, brand purpose, brand positioning statement

When a brand doesn´t communicate a clear message, many times with the hope of attracting a wide range of targets, its differential blurs, and its survival is in jeopardy. In the same way, when a brand doesn´t have a purpose beyond profits, its employees’ commitment as well as its customers’ loyalty is fragile. It is necessary to define an identity and a purpose and communicate them. This is done with a thorough analysis supported on the vision and goals of the company´s board, combined with market research and diving into customer´s reality to find insights and needs to fulfill. 

customer experience cx

Sometimes we have defined a proper strategy and the way to communicate it but we fail in execution. I call it desktop marketing. As Disney said, “there is no magic in magic, it is all about details”. Details that are difficult to control and that sometimes we don’t see because we are too involved. But those are the ones that make the difference or spoil in a minute our marketing efforts. I can measure and analyze the performance of each component of the client´s experience (store proposal, windows, exhibition, staff, sensory stimuli, communication on and offline and technology) detecting opportunities to improve, in order to attract more clients and increase the length, frequency and expense per visit.  

crm strategy


In retail, 20% of our clients explain in many cases up to 50% of our sales. For that purpose, it is necessary to identify them and then define different affinity groups, according to their behaviour, that will need to have different strategies developed for each group. The next step is to interact and develop a customized relationship with the most valuable ones, rewarding them for their loyalty.


Strong brands come to life, and surprise us with new proposals. It is a challenge not to repeat successful schemes year after year until they lose their appeal. I can help you to keep your brand vital, innovating with special events or in store pop up proposals that approach and surprise your clients with new trends or new technology that thrive your brand´s purpose and your sales. 

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