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Rosario Terra Retail Marketing Punta Carretas Shopping

Ph: Chino Pazos for Lara Magazine

I am a 43 year-old married mother of four incredible daughters.

I have always been interested in understanding people´s behavior and finding the hidden insights behind their acts and decisions in order to be able to create proposals aimed at fulfilling their needs and make them feel understood. The most interesting part of this job is that these insights change over time, with new generations and different products and target audiences so we never stop learning.

I graduated in Sociology (Universidad Católica del Uruguay) and Marketing (UDE), over that basis I trained myself systematically in my main interest areas. The most relevant learning experiences were the following:

  • Shopping Center Marketing, dictated by ICSC in Michigan, USA (2003)

  • Diploma in Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence and Quality Service, dictated     by Disney University in Orlando, USA (2008)

  • Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing, dictated by Kellogg School of Management, North Western University in Illinois, USA (2014)

  • Disruptive Innovation, dictated by Clay Christensen at Harvard Business School online (2018)

  • Fashion Business IQ, dictated by IESE Business School in New York (2019)

I am a founding member of Vital Voices in Uruguay, created in 2014, a non-profit organization aimed at promoting women leadership in our society, generating a network of women leaders that support and empower younger ones who are starting their professional or entrepreneurial path. 

I am also proud of mentoring small business entrepreneurs at "Sembrando", the current Presidency´s program.


In this stage of my career, I would like to apply my experience in helping companies find their purpose, in case they have not defined it,  and in case they do, to communicate it in a more efficient way among its clients and employees.  Purpose that connects them to the needs of the community they belong to, gives them a deeper sense of existence as well as more brand value and loyalty to it. 


·      I am goal oriented, without underestimating details 

·      I am passionate about what I do and I always try to deliver more than expected

·      Always searching the way to do it differently 

·      Try to avoid bureaucracy. I am a doer


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